Friday, 28 June 2013

Forging links with the community.

When LCAG launched online our aim was to reach as many people as possible, particularly those within travelling distance of Leigh Sports Village where we meet every Monday at 18.30 to 20.30. 

Currently everyone in the club is very busy preparing everything for the Annual Exhibition 2013. However after 3 July we will go back to our "normal" activities and look forward to meeting new members as our recruitment drive really gets under way.

At the moment links are being forged across the Wigan/Atherleigh area with numerous groups and individuals who have shown interest in our activities and us in theirs. It will be several weeks before everything settles down and runs fairly smoothly.

Our website is under development and progressing steadily. Members have given priority to artworks going into the exhibition but that should change in the coming weeks.

It looks like this blog has been far more successful than we hoped and more so than the website. However they will work in unison as the website is designed to display work more satisfactorily than our Twitter / Facebook accounts and has the bonus of being accessible to all.  Twitter and Facebook are for signed in members only but have their own specific uses and reach different audiences.

If you have any comments please email them to Even if you don't like something, do let us know, as all feedback is appreciated.

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