Members' Gallery #2

Please note that where paintings are for sale the price stated EXCLUDES P & P.
"Flamenco" by J Reason. Watercolour and pastel. It costs £30.00 and is 9.5 inches by 13 inches.

"Anemones", by J. Reason. It is painted in watercolor and costs £30.00. It is 9.5 inches by 13 inches.

"Adventure of The Sea Moored at Flam, Norway. Acrylic by B. Gill, 18" x 16".

"Street in Stavanger, Norway". Acrylic by B. Gill, 16" x 12".

"Horses on North York Moors", Acrylic by B. Marsh.

"Liverpool Skyline", Watercolour by B. Marsh.

"Mr B Gupta", Pastel by B. Marsh.

"Snow Capped Mountain Range", Oil by B. Marsh.

"Whitby Steps", by W.Brunt, pen & wash, 340mm x 290mm, £20.00.

"Dalton By Bowland", pen & wash by W.Brunt, 288mm x 236mm £20.00

"Leah's Garden", pen & ink, 14" x 11", £30.00. By S. Wright

"Robin Hood's Bay", pen & wash, 288mm x 236mm, £20.00. By B Brunt.

"The Church, Kirby Lonsdale", watercolour,  470mm x 365mm, £40.00. By B. Brunt.

"Snow Capped Mountain Range", in oils, by B Marsh

"Clematis", watercolour by L. Thompson

"Mallorca", pen & wash,  by B. Brunt.
245mm x 295mm, £20.00.

"Yorkshire Wolds", watercolour by B. Brunt.
(430mm x530mm, £ 35.00)

"Castle Hill", watercolour, by B. Brunt. It is 474mm x 474mm and is for sale at £40.00

Ghost Train, watercolour (330mm x 295mm, £30) By B. Brunt

"The Rockies"  in acrylic by B. Gill

"View of Kilimanjaro", acrylic by B. Seddon.
17" x 13" (£25.00)

"Memories of World War One", in acrylic by B Seddon.

"Polperro", an oil by D Brown, a club member.
(16" x 12" - £25.00 exc P& P)

"Bright Eyes" a beautiful work done in Prisma 

Coloured Pencils by Sue Rowe, a club member.  

"Paris", a watercolour by S. Downham, one of our club members.

"Faithful Friend" in pastel by S. Rowe

"Jersey Castle", a watercolour by S. Downham, one of our club members.

"Carrig Cennen Castle, North Wales in Snowstorm", oil on board, by one of our club members. 
"Dam House" pond and walkways, acrylic by B.Gill
Box Canvas 50cm x 40cm, £40.00 plus p & p.

"Whitby", watercolour by B.Marsh

"Polperro, Cornwall", watercolour by S.Downham

"Horse #1", pastel by J.Nolan

"The Watermill", watercolour by B Marsh

"Horse #2", pastel by J.Nolan

"Cat", pastel by J.Nolan
"Silverdale", watercolour by B.Marsh

"Lakeland Cottage", watercolour by S.Downham

" Lands End", Acrylic by B.Gill

"The Beachcombers", watercolour by S.Downham

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